It is a discussion forum and advisory body for the school. It aims to openly discuss/debate general issues that affect the safety and welfare of all children in school, including extra curricular activities. It has 1 common goal, to ensure the children at Hill West have the best possible experience at school. It is NOT a mechanism for dealing with complaints or issues that affect individual children. The Parent Council's remit is to discuss key issues and ideas for development and improvement to the school as whole in an open and frank way. It gives parents and the head teacher a regular informal opportunity to share ideas, developments and concerns within school that affect either a particular group of children or all children. Both parents and school staff are able to raise topics for discussion, it is very much a two way forum and discussions are open and honest.

We discuss any issues that affect either a particular group of children or all children. Our sole aim is to improve the experience our children have whilst at school. Here are some issues discussed so far:

  • Reading Policy in School
  • School Competitive Sport
  • Behaviour and Discipline
  • Use of park land for our forest school
  • School dinners
  • Most Able Policy
  • Improving KS2 dismissal
  • Pantomime trip and associated costs
  • Lunchtime supervisors
  • Dangerous parking outside school
  • School Fund
  • Marking of homework
  • Our new assessment and reporting arrangements following the introduction of the new primary national curriculum
We meet once a month with the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teachers.  If you want to raise an issue then you can email our parent council directly or speak to Sian Siekierski our Secretary
  • Improved the dining experience for our pupils.
  • One off annual payment into school fund.
  • Refurbishment of Year 2 toilets
  • Gained additional park land for Forest School activities
  • Reduced dangerous parking around school
  • Introduced work sharing evenings for parents
  • Introduced homework appreciation stickers for all classes.